Winery – Tenuta Maule

The story of a family, a territory, a way of life.

The story of a family, a territory, a way of life.

Winemakers since five generations

From passion to profession.

Our philosophy: tradition, innovation, and respect for the environment.

We respect our territory and its fruits.

Alongside our traditional vines such as Garganega and Durella, we are cultivating innovative resistant vines that allow us to reduce phytosanitary treatments by 80 percent.

At the time of harvest, the grapes are carefully selected and hand-picked in order to best preserve their characteristics. To maintain the integrity of the bunches, they are delicately placed on special boxes for the transport to the estate.

In the winery, the winemaking processes combine tradition with innovation; using historical techniques such as the drying of grapes in Picai, and new technologies, such as cold control to enhance the aromas of our wines.

Naturally strong vineyards

Unique soils that give a strong character to our wines.

Strategic geographical position.